Bringing a high-quality, high-impact, and affordable micro school to the Greater Austin area.

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We believe that every student has the potential to achieve their dreams and we at The Brookside School are dedicated to helping your child reach them.

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The Brookside School is a new five-day full-time micro school in North Austin. Our goal is to serve the growing immigrant community in Greater Austin. We seek to educate and support these families to help them thrive and become impactful citizens.

We will do this through a unique curriculum, restful learning, and a robust support system to help your child succeed.

Excellent curriculum

Our curriculum is structured to grow a deep, historical understanding of American roots in their global context. Where we came from, why we are here, and where we can go together. We cultivate cross-partisan, multi-disciplinary, civil dialogue across four pillars of emphasis: liberty, equality, morality, and hospitality. Our endeavors along with a strong math and science program, result in a well-rounded and courageous leader adept at global and local leadership.

Restful Learning

Our curriculum is designed with your family time in mind. Our weekly and yearly rhythms and schedule are restful, innovative, and enjoyable. Most learning is done on campus, featuring little to no homework. Students can use the extra time at home to hang with family, work, or do extracurricular activities.

One-room classroom

Unlike the traditional high school, Brookside is a micro-school where all students learn together no matter what year they're in. This creates a tight-knit community between the students and staff, growing together as one unit. No wandering the hallways looking for a friend group. We learn together.

Brookside School male student

Making The Brookside School affordable for your family

We have partnered with local and national organizations to provide financial aid to help make education more affordable.

We have also made it easy for you to make a difference in our students' lives by making a tax-deductible donation towards scholarships.

Our Location

The Brookside School will be located at the North Village Church in the North Star Center shopping complex.

Brookside School location North Village Church

Next Steps

Do you want to learn more about The Brookside School and if it is a good fit for your child? Attend an Open House to learn more about our school or complete an application to start the process.

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